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this is an image of handprints made to look like a dinosaur with green hands
Dinosaur Day
made this one for his teacher for the preschool class. Looked cute and was fun.
the crocodile paper craft is made with construction paper and glue it's easy to make
Paper Crocodile Craft
Free Paper Crocodile Craft Printable for Kids from Easy Peasy and Fun
this is an image of paper mache crafts
papegaai voor de kapitein. gemaakt uit een keukenrol. de vleugels zijn gemaakt uit een blad die de kleuters hebben geschilderd in vrolijke kleurtjes. Daarna hun handje op over getekend en uitgeknipt.
two toy animals made to look like caterpillars
Art & Craft : Crocodile
Art & Craft : Crocodile | My Weblog
a monkey made out of brown paper on top of a white wall next to a banana
Babyshower Craftin' using the Cricut!
Craftin' Scrappin' Happy! Get Crafty!: Babyshower Craftin' using the Cricut!
a room with green and yellow decorations hanging from the ceiling in front of a window
Island Jungle Theme
This blog features our class's over the top decorating themes such as Hogwarts from Harry Potter, Ocean Luau, Jungle Island Paradise and many more.
zoo crafts for kids that are easy to make
20+ Zoo Crafts for Kids - Crafty Kids at Home
Zoo animals! Kids love going to the zoo to see and learn about different animals. And making Zoo Crafts when you get home is a great way to extend the fun.! A zoo theme/study unit is also perfect for preschoolers.
zoo crafts and recipes for kids to make
Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit
Have some fun creating your own zoo animal crafts to remember your family trips to the zoo!
paper plate hippo craft for kids to make
Tissue Paper Stained Glass | Crafts for Kids
Paper plate hippo
four plastic cups filled with blue liquid and goldfish
Jell-O Fish Bowl Fun
Jello Fish Bowls, we made these in preschool!