Mamma Mia!; eísai éna óneiro

how i wish 😮‍💨🌊⛵️🐚
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two women dancing in dresses with the words i need someone to dance to aba with
several sailboats in the water near a rocky island with a mountain in the background
The Quieter Side of Ibiza
an ocean scene with the words somebody, i will build a house beside the sea
a dream | Someday, I will build a house beside the sea. | thresca
i think i like this little life by the wine bottle and other things to drink
Chocolate bar a day keeps the sadness away ✨ | Instagram
a man sitting on top of a wooden chair next to the ocean in front of him
a plaque that reads in memory of those who chose the sea on a granite wall
an open gate on the side of a stone wall next to some trees and water
the movie poster for mamma mia, which is featured in pink and blue colors
they are my comfort films🫂
a person with their arm wrapped around a piece of paper that says, all my life problems
some type of lettering that is blue and white
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Outfits Inspired by Sophie Sheridan in Mamma Mia - Glimmers