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the different shades of hair are shown in this graphic style, including brown and caramel
Royale High Natural Hair
Avatar, Cool Avatars, Random, Y2k Fits
an image of two different types of clothes and accessories on display in front of a black background
Royale High corset combo by @pixiedreamgir1l on tiktok
Fitness, Gyaru, Gyaru Hair, High Skirts, Outfit Retro, High Crop Top
Gyaru fit inspo!! ☆
Pink, Winter Outfits, Cute Icons, Kawaii Clothes, Aesthetic Clothes
Face, Brunette Girl, Face Hair, Mauve, Peinados, Royal, Maquillaje
Games, Game, Y2k Girl, Rhs, Fantasy Clothing, Royal Clothing
Whom to credit?
an animated image of a woman in a dress with lights on her head and hands behind her head
Emo Style, Emo, White Eyeshadow, Zendaya
Girl, Cute Poses, Girl Fits
Roblox 3