Surf Fantasies

Photos that feed my recent ocean frustration.
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the ocean is blue and green with waves
nothing but sky and water for as far as you can see...
a hand with the words you can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf
you can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf. #love #hangloose @SwimSpot #surfsup
an old van parked on the beach with a surfboard strapped to it's roof
my bucket list of no-agenda wandering in an old VW (used to have an orange one...rusted out hole in the floor, but loved the roll-back roof ;)
a woman sitting on top of a surfboard in the middle of the ocean with text that reads laguna beach surf
pissed about not being a mermaid
Summer is almost over, but in The Canaries, the best of our weather just got here, SURF time.
a person riding a surfboard on a wave in the middle of the ocean,
Before I die I'd like to try surfing, I'd probably chicken out of it or I won't be any good.