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three wooden benches sitting next to each other in front of a wall with wood paneling
Ultra-muted cafe takes over former auto shop in British Columbia
Ultra-muted cafe takes over former auto shop in British Columbia
black and white photograph of a table with a glass vase on it's side
T Clinic | Pedra Silva Arquitectos
T Clinic | Pedra Silva Arquitectos
the interior of a building with wooden walls and flooring, including a decorative wall panel
Ready To Ship
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there are many wooden chairs and tables in front of the building that has stairs on it
Gallery of Anh Coffee Roastery / Red5studio - 12
a wooden sign on the side of a building that says el cumbra campas
EL UMBRAL /La Pasionaria Arquitectura - Revista Novarq
an architectural drawing shows the various layers of earth's surface, including mountains and valleys
Casa MILA - Detalle de Tapia en Salón
Casa MILA - Detalle de Tapia en Salón | Detalle de Tapia en … | Flickr
there is a large stone structure on the side of a building with trees in the background
stefano pujatti reinterprets traditional heritage buildings of northern italy with STONED
a building made out of bricks with grass in the foreground
Notre-Dame highlights Le Borgne Rizk Architecture’s expertise in modern reinterpretation
Le Borgne Rizk Architecture, an award-winning Montreal-based firm renowned for applying creativity, technical competence, and aesthetic sensitivity to the creation of efficient, functional, and harmonious buildings, proudly introduces Notre-Dame, two semi-attached residential triplexes located in Montreal’s south-west district. The project stands out for its reinterpretation of the classic design elements of Montreal triplex history. #architecture
a close up of a brick wall with an electrical outlet attached to it and some concrete blocks on the side
Backer Rod - Standard Closed Cell
Технические решения
a red brick wall with white flowers in the foreground and trees in the background
Gallery of Belgrano Barbecue & Studio / Estudio VA arquitectos - 18
an image of a brick wall being built
Multi-Purpose Hall and Amphitheatre for DPS,Jalandhar
a diagram showing the different parts of a brick wall and how to use it in order to
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