Greatest Showman

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two men in top hats posing for the camera
Hugh jackman and zac efron
a spotlight with the words, these hands could hold the world but it'll never be enough
Blank Journals | Themed Gifts | | Long Beach, CA
P. T. Barnum & Bailey Circus | The Greatest Showman Movie Quote | Hugh Jackman | Loren Allred | "Never Enough" Lyrics | Make what you do enough | Accomplish your goals for yourself and no one else | For friends and relatives who dream while they’re awake, who always see the bigger picture, who aspire to be more than just…, and who won’t accept no for an answer.
a person holding a water bottle with the words, why don't we rewrite the stars?
The Greatest Showman quote
the greatest showman movie poster with an image of a man and woman in formal dress
The Greatest Showman Movie Poster (#8 of 9)
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a poem written in rainbow colors with the words, every night i lie in bed
A million dreams- the greatest showman lyrics