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several pictures of red bags with bows and pearls on them, all in different positions
Dulcero tipo vestido, bonito detalle para entregar en alguna fiestita infantil de niñas, echa con botellas de plastico, tela de raso y cintas que tengas por casa./ DIY by Luz Arias
several pictures of different colored baskets with flowers on the top and bottom, one in pink, one in blue
15+ Ideas Sensacionales Para Decorar Tu Jardín Con Botellas De Plástico
15+ Ideas Sensacionales para Decorar tu Jardín con Botellas de Plástico
two ceramic pots with plants in them sitting on a table
Recycled Bottle Plant Pot
Recycled Bottle Plant Pot
three cat planters sitting on top of books
10 crafts you can make with the stuff in your recycling bin — Craft + Boogie
With just scissors, paint, and your plastic bottles, you can create the most adorable indoor planters. Get the tutorial at The Ross Bear Post.
the instructions for how to make an easy dinosaur planter with recycled plastic bottles and glue
Super Simple Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters - Super Simple
Dinosaur planter with a recycled plastic bottle.
the cake is made to look like a mushroom house
25 Cute DIY Fairy Furniture and Accessories
I just love fairy gardens and recently I’ve gotten really interested in making my own fairy furniture. This made me wonder about just how much of my furniture and accessories I can actually DIY, which leads to this collection. I’ve found a wonderful list of 25 really cheap and easy DIY fairy...
there are many plastic bottles that have cats on them and plants in them with the words turn plastic bottles into cute planters
74 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Empty Plastic Bottles For Crafts - Page 2 of 8 - Usefull Information
74 Ways to Reuse and Recycle Empty Plastic Bottles For Crafts - Page 2 of 8 - Usefull Information
four different images of sculptures in the shape of animals
20 Garden Decorations and Kids Toys Made with Recycled Tires
there are many potted plants on the outside of this house that is made out of metal pipes
not bottles but some other more elegant container but same arrangement and use for succulents or small rooted plants