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a yellow poster with the words who hell do you think i am?
Medival and philosophy
four anime characters in different colors and sizes, each with their own character's name
Day 7-Anime Crush: Kamina from Gurren Lagann. He was very caring and inspiring and even though he wasn't around for very long :'( he still left a lasting impact (plus his scene with Yoko was very romantic and sad)
a quote with the words don't believe in me, who you believe in
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Gurren Lagann Quote Poster by JC-790514
a person standing on top of a skateboard in front of a sky filled with stars
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an anime quote with the caption that reads, we evlve beyond the person we were a minute before life by little, we advance a bit further with each turn
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Gurren lagann
an anime character with red hair wearing a blue shirt and black pants, has words written all over his face
Gurren Lagann Simon
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gurren lagann kamina quotes
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an anime character with the caption when does a man die?
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