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a table with plates, cups and vases on it in a dining room area
the shelves are filled with dishes and cups in pastel colors, such as pink or blue
vintage pastel pottery collections - Bing
there are many plates and cups on the table
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the kitchen counter is covered with dishes and cups, including green olives on plates
wanderer on Twitter
a kitchen with white cabinets and floral wallpaper on the walls is pictured in this image
21+ Clever Small Kitchen Ideas To Make The Space Feel Bigger
a kitchen with white cupboards and pink items on the counter top in front of it
the shelves in this kitchen are filled with pots and pans, dishes, and flowers
White & Bright Kitchen Reveal - A Thoughtful Place
a white table with four chairs and a vase filled with flowers on top of it
25+ Most Decadent Dining Room Designs
an assortment of food items on a wooden tray with utensils and spoons
10 Useful Things That Will Help You Get Organized - Damsel In Dior