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a blue bowl filled with food next to a fork and napkin on top of a table
High Blood Pressure Meal Plan
the mango tree is featured in this book
Mango fruit - Reading a short story and writing another one
Mango fruit - reading a short story and writing another one This is a reading and a writing exercise for middle graders. Get to know what happened to Muhammed when he distanced from his friends in the forest and how he managed to survive it. After reading this story students are asked to write a similar one.
an aquarium with many different types of fish
Fish directory page. Tap a fish to see and hear its letter, then tap the letter to jump to the fish story page. Tap horizontally to play ABCs song.
an animal that is swimming in the water
ABCs Storybook page - Letter Y
a fish that is swimming in the water next to some seaweed and corals
ABCs Storybook page - Letter X
a blue tang is very bright blue his relatives come in other colors too what colors do you see? can you name at least three?
ABCs storybook page - Letter T Learn colors on tap of fish!
an ocean scene with fish, seaweed and starfish
ABCs storybook page - Letter R Tap to animate the sea creatures!
an ocean scene with fish, corals and seaweed on the bottom right is q for queen triggererfish
ABCs storybook page - Letter Q. Drag the crown onto the Queen!
two blue fish swimming in the ocean with corals and starfish on the bottom
ABCs storybook page - Letter P Tap the fish to make sand!
an octopus is swimming in the ocean
ABCs storybook page - Letter O. Watch the octopus move his legs as he swims.
an image of a fish and seaweed on the ocean floor with words written below it
ABCs storybook page - Letter N Watch the Nile puffer expand and contract and tap the Nautilus to see inside his shell!
a card with an image of two fish on the ocean floor, one is for mandarinfish
ABCs storybook page - Letter M Watch the mandarinfish swim and tap the sea creatures to make them move.
an animal that is swimming in the water with some seaweed and other marine life
ABCs storybook page - Letter L Watch the lionfish swim and tap the lobster to make him crawl!
an orca jumping out of the water with other animals around it and text that reads k is for killer whale
ABCs storybook page - Letter K Tap the Whale to make him jump Tap the glacier to make it calve.
an underwater scene with jellyfish and seaweed
ABCs storybook page - Letter J. Tap the shells to find pearls!