Happy Sabbath!

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the label for jesus's cup is shown on a t - shirt that reads, serving size 1 cup
Tee Time: If Jesus were a nutrition facts label…
the words i am the lord, i change not, malache 3 6 sabath still stands
Christ, Studio, Seventh Day Adventist, Scripture Reading, Bible Study, Scripture, Womens Bible Study
Reclaim the Sabbath | A Free 6-Week Bible Study
a boat floating on top of a lake with the words rest in front of it
Christian Clothing | Christian Apparel | Religious T-shirts
a poster with the words watch, ask, and inviet trust
When We Are Called to Wait - More to Be
a white couch with a book on it and the words, what is the sabath?
Sabbath Basics • Val Marie Paper
the words rest in front of some tall grass
Sabbath Rest: Keeping The Sabbath Day – Josephine Robertson
the words keep calm and have a happy sababath written in white on a black background