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a pink box filled with chocolate covered donuts
the wall is decorated with pink letters that spell out tea, yes, you, maybe
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a heart shaped window with the words be kind written on it in pink and white
BE KIND (They All Hate Us)
a tote bag with a pacifier and other items hanging from it
ig: sojucafes
a pair of headphones sitting on top of a table next to a cell phone
heart shape earphones
a pink heart with the words cheengu colors written in white letters on it
— own work !! [ don't repost/claim as urs ]
Tela, Heliotrope, Wattpad, Taschen, Costura, Light Academia, Shoulder Bag, Beige
four notebooks with flowers on them sitting on a table
𝒽. on Twitter
some daisies are growing out of the ground next to a brick wall and grass
a close up of a person holding a hot dog in their hand and an animal with its mouth open
Out of Context Cats on Twitter
a cat is sniffing plants on the window sill
🌿🌼🧺 on Twitter
a bouquet of pink roses is wrapped in white paper and ready to be used as a gift
𝐌. on X
there is a bowl of grapes on the table next to books
aesthetics 🪐