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a pink heart with the words resources for u written in white on top of it
— own work !! [ don't repost/claim as urs ]
an image of a magazine page with a doll in the middle and another article about it
an image of a website page with different things on it
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an article about the different types of objects in this text description box, which contains information on how to use them
by 78CRRD on twt
an anime character's profile is shown on the webpage, and it looks like they
carrd inspo ☆
an image of a web page with pictures on the front and back of it, as well as text
carrd inspo
an image of someone's twitter account with a teddy bear and coffee in the background
an article about cats with pictures and captions on the front page, in english
carrd inspo
a woman in pajamas holding up a poster with instructions on how to sew it
an image of a child's website page
carrd inspo