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an image of the simpsons characters in front of a yellow background with black lettering that says mac
MAC gives fans a Marge Simpson makeover
Marge Simpson becomes next pop culture icon to get the MAC Cosmetics treatment
kermie the frog wearing headphones and listening to music in front of some lights
Kermit the Frog (@KermitTheFrog) on X
a cartoon cat riding a skateboard with the words push you on it's side
Various Projects/ Character Design 36
a drawing of a person with a bow and arrow
Social Media Platforms Come To Life As Scary Humanoids
an image of a cartoon character holding some items in one hand and pointing to the side
Artist Esoj Luna Illustrated Iconic Brands As If They Were Humans – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007
an image of a movie projector surrounded by other objects on a red and white background
an old neon sign with bowling pins and balls on it's roof that says coburn bowl
Corbin Bowl
the neon sign is lit up in front of palm trees