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the dining room is set with white tablecloths and place settings
La Fermette Marbeuf, Paris
an ornate room with blue walls and gold trim
Book review: William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain, ed. Susan Weber
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with pink walls and ceilings
Robert Adam: The Father of British Neoclassicism
the front cover of empire style magazine, featuring an ornate hallway with paintings and chandeliers
Empire Style: The Hôtel de Beauharnais in Paris
an old black and white photo of a living room with fireplace, chairs, chandelier and pictures on the walls
Parlor interior 1880's
an ornate staircase with red carpet and chandelier in the hallway leading to another room
Moss & Marsh
a living room filled with lots of furniture and walls covered in ornate wall coverings
Aesthetic Movement Interiors 1872–1889
a chandelier hangs from the ceiling in an ornately decorated room with painted ceilings
Fritz von der Schulenburg | The Interior Archive
a room with blue and white striped walls, wooden furniture and paintings on the wall
Block Print Wallpaper Production | Adelphi Paper Hangings
an ornate room with columns and paintings on the walls
The Entrance Hall at Attingham Park
a large bedroom with four poster bed and blue floral bedspread on the walls
Image Gallery
Cornbury Park
an ornately decorated room with blue drapes and gold accents
Bridgeman Images
Interior of The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex: The Banquet Hall
a living room with a fire place and paintings on the fireplace mantel above it
The Brimstone Butterfly’s Spencer House: Part Two
Spencer House, England