11 Pins
two people sitting on the ground with speech bubbles above them that say i love you
Ảnh và một số comics Thorki
two men are laying in bed and one is reading a book while the other lays down
Where stories live
two men are kissing each other in front of a door with their hands on their hipss
a drawing of a man on top of a horse being held by another man who is standing next to him
Where stories live
a comic strip with two people in bed
Thorki imagenes - 44
two boys are talking to each other and one boy is holding his hand over his face
Un Loco Enamorado (Hiddlesworth)
two young boys sitting next to each other with the words don't touch him
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an image of two people in bed with the caption'chiu and boi on them
daddy? (hiddlesworth)
the comic strip shows two people talking to each other and one is holding a cell phone
daddy? (hiddlesworth)