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white flowers are blooming on a tree branch
"Magic Dogwood" - Cornus florida sub. urbiniana (urbaniana)
a blue and white flower with green leaves in the backgrounnd, it looks like an orchid
Blue Cymbidim Orchid
the flowers are blooming on the green leaves
Flickriver: Succulentisima's most interesting photos
Succulent gardening....Ferocactus macrodiscus
the world is it's own magic
Naturally Darling❤️
a blue and white flower with yellow stamens
Blue orchid
a potted plant with blue flowers sitting in front of a mirror on the grass
My Flowers Have Been Framed
Flowers Framed
a yellow and blue flower with red stamen
Wow! I'm guessing this wouldn't grow so well in Utah, but it's beautiful! Amazing - The Path Hibiscus
a purple flower with white stamens and green leaves
Blue Rose of Sharon - (by Diana)
two blue flowers are sitting on the ground
Tiffany Blue Flower
a blue rose that is sitting in the middle of it's flower petals,
Blue Rose
Blue Rose
a blue flower with purple stems in the foreground
Blue Wildflower, Germany
blue roses are shown in this close up photo
black and white photograph of blue roses in a vase on a dining room table with chairs
Blue Roses...
Beautiful Blue Rose Beautiful Pictures, Love Rose, Amazing Flowers
Beautiful Blue Rose
a white flower with stripes on it's petals and green leaves in the background
Very rare... Skeleton Flower, Hawaii