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an image of some type of symbols that are drawn in black ink on white paper
manga kawaii
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "fonds kawaii"
an illustrated set of cats with different expressions and sizes, all drawn in one line
Set of 20 different doodle emotions by Lauritta on Creative Market
a notebook with an umbrella drawn on it next to a pen and paper that says let a smile be your umbrella on rainy day
Pretty quote with some draws "let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day☀️☔️ ᗩᑎOᑌK
a stack of books sitting on top of each other
Capital letters
baga Barbara Galinska - Capital letters #calligraphy #typography
the upper and lower case of an english alphabet, with cursive writing on it
How to Fake Script Calligraphy!
Schrift Mehr
the words she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes are drawn in black ink on white paper
Hand lettering :: she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes!
a white card with black lettering on it that says, remember yesterday dream tomorrow live today
Gewonnen tekstbord naar winnaar - Craft Studio 27
Vanmorgen het gewonnen tekstbord aan de gelukkige winnaar gegeven. Geheel naar wens gemaakt. De winnares heeft zelf de afmeting, kleur en tekst aangegeven. Ik heb drie opzetjes naar haar doorgestuurd, en daar heeft ze de mooiste uitgekozen. Het is een wit bord met grijze letters in het font Samantha (de krulletters) en Woonder (de rechte …
the words grace and grace written in cursive writing on white paper with black ink
Secret's out! You don't need ink and nibs to create the traditional calligraphy look... just strategically placed bold lines. ;) Fair game in our book!! | "Fake Calligraphy" found at
arrows are arranged in the shape of a circle with words above them that read arrows
Ошибка 429
the upper and lower letters are handwritten in cursive writing with black ink
Hand Lettering for Bible Journaling - 5 Tips to Get Started — t.His | Rock This Revival
I am often asked if I use special pens to make the words on my Bible pages look the way they do. While there are special pens and markers to allow you to achieve the same look, I usually don’t use those in my bible. You CAN; I just normally don’t. Below is an example of the lettering I’m talking about. What I am doing in my bible is called hand lettering (or sometimes called faux calligraphy). Hand lettering is different from dip pen calligraphy and brush pen calligraphy. These ARE do...
an old fashioned alphabet with lines and letters
Stitch Typeface
STITCH is a typeface I designed based on simple, elementary-style characters with a touch of an embroidered feel. I hope you enjoy.
the letters and numbers are drawn in pink ink