Killing with Kings Book #4: Georgia Coast Cozy Mystery Series

It was supposed to be a friendly poker game. But when one of the players drops dead, Sergeant José Rodriguez of the Savannah Police Department suspects someone…
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the bartender is making a drink at the bar while the waitress waits for her order
The Most Essential Bars In Savannah
The Most Essential Bars In Savannah
a group of people standing around in a room with red and blue lights on the walls
10 Best Savannah Dance Clubs: Move and Groove to Electronic, Top 40 and Country-Western Music
Get Savannah Dance Clubs in Savannah, GA. Read the 10Best Savannah Dance Clubs reviews and view users' night club ratings.
people sitting at tables in front of a red phone booth with an american and british flag on it
The Six Pence Pub
We loved the Six Pence Pub in Savannah! I actually got a picture inside this phone booth.. So fun! If we ever relocated, Savannah would be a choice!
a book cover for the novel killing with kings by lois lavrishaa, which is
EPIC Home - Lois Lavrisa
many people are walking down the street in front of stores and buildings on both sides
Shopping with my good buddy Candy and eating lunch on River Street, Savannah, GA...more than just once....and I hope again.
an alley way with stone walls and brick buildings on both sides, leading to the second floor
Factors Walk - Savannah
black and white photograph of an old building with stairs leading up to the second floor
Stoddard's Upper Range: 1937
Savannah, Georgia, circa 1937. "Stoddard's Upper Range. Italianate structure built 1859 by John Stoddard on bluffs above the river, used for cotton factor's offices and warehouses." Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston 1937. This is an area of tourist shops now.
the corner of an old brick building with a metal pole on it's side
Decorative downspout on River Street, Savannah, GA.
people are walking down the street in front of an apartment building
What to do on a Day Trip to Savannah, Georgia
What to do on a Day Trip to Savannah, Georgia. River of our favorite places in Savannah to people watch, ship watch, and have drinks and appetisers at Tubby's Tank House
an old set of stairs leading up to a brick building
The Ultimate Guide to River Street in Savannah GA | Sand Sun & Messy Buns
Historic staircase leading from Bay Street to River Street in Savannah, GA
a sign hanging from the side of a building that says savannah ah's candy shop
Sweet Savannah
Savannah's Candy Kitchen... Their pralines are sooo good and they make them in front of you!
the city skyline is lit up at night by the water with buildings in the background
KIMPTON BRICE HOTEL - Updated 2024 Prices & Reviews (Savannah, GA)
Savannah's riverfront
a set of stairs leading up to a stone wall
Rock Staircase
Staircase to River Street, Savannah Georgia - I couldn't tell you how many times I walked down these stairs when I lived in Savannah....
an alley way with brick buildings and stairs
Visit Savannah
Cobblestone, old stairway along River Street in Savannah
many houses are lined up on the street in front of trees and bushes with spanish moss hanging from them