VBS- Breaker Rock Beach

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two pieces of paper with the words popsicle stick tent on them and stars in the background
Popsicle Stick Tent - Camping Craft
three buckets with the words free bucket template on top and small text below it
Bucket Template – Small
Free Bucket Template - Small
colorful paper fish craft for kids to make
Paper Loop Pufferfish Craft
there are pictures of different items made out of materials such as yarn, fabric and felt
Pool Noodle Fire Pit - Home Made Mimi
paper flowers are being made with scissors and glue
Orange, red and yellow campfire that is not real but looks like it is! Flickers and crackles! Indoor Camping Party, Wizard Of Oz Musical, Camping Party Decorations, Camp Vbs, Jungle Theme Decorations, Fire Crafts, American Heritage Girls, Nevada Travel
Camping theme Fake Campfire decoration. Flames flicker, Embers glow and fire crackles too!
Nothing is better than a campfire party! Sitting 'round, telling stories and singing songs! Get your today! Exclusively at ImaginarySusan on Etsy.
a hand holding a piece of pink and orange mesh
How to Make a Coral Reef Decoration - by Press Print Party!
How to Make a Stunning Coral Reef for you Under the Sea Party, Mermaid Party, or VBS. By Press Print Party #OceanCommotion #Underthesea #mermaid Decorations
four different images of paper mache sculptures with red octopus heads and hands on them
Paper mache Octopus