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a bed sitting on top of a wooden platform next to a night stand and lamp
Very into an elevated platform bed… love how “heavy” it looks @fantastic_table via @avenicamag and @fantastic_table | Instagram
a living room filled with furniture and a green rug on top of a wooden floor
Bespoke Luxe Chic & Sustainable artisanal handmade mid century modern hand tufted rug. Exceptional craftsmanship! Highest Quality guaranteed
Premium, Luxurious, Contemporary HANDMADE Rug - made with Love, Passion and Integrity in RURAL India. We carefully and lovingly produce each one of our pieces which contain the essence of the soul of their origin, which we hope will reflect into the spaces where they will find a home. Please do not compare our prices to other store prices.. We might be a little expensive as compared to others, but OUR QUALITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP & WORK ETHICS are more than worth it. Give us a chance to experience the