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a drawing of a young man holding his hand up to his face with stars on it
a young boy wearing a hoodie with hearts painted on it's face and eyes
a woman talking on a cell phone while wearing glasses and a bow tie with her hand to her ear
three young men wearing suits and ties in front of a poster that says second world
bss postcard
a young man with headphones on his ears
corat coret hoshi
a young man wearing a denim jacket and cap with writing on the back of it
a man wearing a hat and glasses standing in front of pink star shaped stars on a black and white background
#Fan4RT for MINGYU
Posters, Rapper, Seventeen Leader, Svt, Kokobop Exo
a young man standing in front of a bench with a heart shaped frame over his face
#Fan4RT for HOSHI
cuteness overload ٩꒰๑• ̫•๑꒱ ۶♡ #HOSHI #SVT
a young man wearing a hat with yellow stars on his forehead and one eye patch
four different pictures of people with their faces painted in the shape of hearts and letters
Soongyu/Gyusoon 5959 scribble