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a yurt in the middle of a desert with mountains and rocks behind it, as seen from above
13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCXXXVIII)
a woman walking down the street in front of an old brick building with wrought iron balconies
A Weekend In NOLA – Tips for Exploring the Big Easy - Nicole Goes Exploring
an image of a cactus garden on twitter
One Week in Oaxaca, Mexico - Thou Swell
a man standing in front of an old building with people walking around and looking at the camera
mentally: 1970s, summertime somewhere in New Mexico, horchata in my solo cup, raking in the sunshine physically: breaking 100 hours on the…
a red house sitting on top of a wooden pier next to a body of water
The Best World Travels - The best resource for traveling the globe.
a woman in white shirt and shorts standing on rock
a person walking down a dirt road with a blanket on their back and mountains in the background
Mojave Turquoise
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by mountains
Padar Island, Indonesia
a person standing on top of a rocky hill next to a lake with a dog
What This Woman’s Solo Trip With Her Dog Can Teach Anyone About a Break-Up
I felt the need to go and knew that, somehow, everything would fall into place. And it did.
the sun is setting in the desert with many cacti and cactus plants on the ground