Rainbow High

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the dolls are all dressed up and ready for their next performance in the musical show
Laurel serious
a group of dolls sitting next to each other
a doll with blonde hair and big eyes is standing on a shelf in a closet
a doll holding a stuffed animal next to a white dog on an orange wall background
a group of dolls that are standing next to each other
a digital painting of a girl in an orange dress with butterflies around her and the words rainbow high on it
a doll with long pink hair wearing a black and white outfit, holding a handbag
Jett Dawson 🌈
two dolls are standing next to each other in a room with neon signs on the walls
two dolls with lights on their faces and hair
Ruby and Poppy icon ✨
a girl with blue hair and green eyes holding her hand up
two dolls standing next to each other in front of a rainbow colored background with the caption hauntcouture