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two windows on the side of a brick building with wooden shutters and planters
No. 18 House: A Three-Storey Green Residence with Generous Open Living Spaces and Customized Private Rooms
an empty room with lots of wooden shelves
inverted trusses inserted inside historic dry-goods store in taiwan
an outside view of a house with wooden slats and glass walls on the side
Weekend House - Coastal Cottage Chic in Carmel, California
the walkway is lined with brick walls and plants on each side, along with an open area for seating
Administrative Quarantine
a row of windows covered in vines next to a grass field with trees and bushes behind them
sound proofing facade treatments
a tall building with lots of plants growing on it's sides in front of trees and bushes
Merryn Road 40A by Aamer Architects
an indoor garden with plants growing in it
Oasia Downtown Hotel wrapped in a “living cloak”
a building covered in green plants next to tall buildings
an overhead view of a building with plants growing on it
Gallery of Babylon Garden Condotel / Ho Khue Architects - 9