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a small dog wearing a towel on its head
Panda "pug"...so cute, so unhappy(quotes because I don't think it's a pug)
a pug dog is covering its face with his hands while sitting in front of a purple background
Funny Pug Dog Meme Pun LOL
two pictures with dogs on them and the caption that says, espera manana
Isn't this familiar?
Party Pug
a pug dog sitting on top of a white chair next to pizzas and bacon
12 Dogs Who Immediately Regret Their Decisions
My fat little "Noodle" sits like this, lol?!?!
a pug sitting on top of a couch with its head resting on the pillow
I wonder if Markie ever thinks this...
three pug dogs standing on top of a bed with caption that reads, there's always that one friend
Happy Friday Pinners! Thank you so much for All the JOY you bring me! Have a Blessed day! Love & Hugs Jody
three pug dogs wearing sweaters sitting on a bed
Pug Puppies
Black Pugs.
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Do you have a lazy dog?
Favorite Quotes
a pug dog in a red hoodie sitting on a couch with the caption i didn't choose the hug life
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aw my Puggle Roxe lives a half pug life ;)
a small pug dog laying on top of a bed next to a stuffed animal
funny pug pictures | nice funny pug meme to start this December day off. This pug is ...
a person holding a small dog with the words boa note on it's face
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Thinking of You - Loulou the Pug
a pug dog sitting on top of a brown leather couch next to a red wall
The Most Interesting Pug in the World • Join The Pugs
The Most Interesting Pug in the World | Join the Pugs
a pug dog looking up at the camera with caption that reads, you really can't tell what this is
I don't know this moment, but I imagine this is what it would look like...
a small pug dog is jumping up into the air
Seriously... They can be dead to the world but so help you if you crack the fridge or rattle a plastic bag... Lol