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Innovative and elegant designs for small-space herb gardens, demonstrating stylish and practical herb growing solutions.
Creative Herb Garden Designs
a raised garden bed with flowers and plants growing in the soil, on top of grass
Learn how to built a raised garden bed with help from The Home Depot.
Create your own raised garden bed and watch fresh vegetables and flowers grow! Learn how to build your ideal layout along fences, walls or other spaces using simple steps outlined by this guide. Get started on your unique gardening project with help from The Home Depot. Tap to learn more.
a tree that is in the grass with a net on it's back end
Caring for My Off-Grid Organic Garden in Spring
Last year, cockatoos ate every one of the peaches on this tree. This year, I left in uncovered while blossoming, but covered it with bird netting at the first sign of fruit.
Easy $5 DIY plant stand!
several different types of tomatoes growing on a trellis in an urban garden, including yellow and red peppers
40 Genius Space-Savvy Small Garden Ideas and Solutions
an outdoor garden with several plants growing in the fenced area and on top of it
several containers filled with dirt next to a building
an outdoor garden with rocks and plants in front of a brick building
35 Great Shade Gardening Ideas & Shade Cloth Garden Guide
Creating a simple, inexpensive raised garden bed
Simple way to create a raised garden bed for a backyard garden