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pipe cleaner flowers step by step 🌼💐✂
Get ready to brighten up your room with these adorable pipe cleaner flowers! 🌼💐✂ Follow along as we create these beautiful blooms step by step. #artnew8 #flores #room #DIY Visit my website to see more of my artwork or leave me your opinion. Thank you for your support! 🎨💖 Let's get crafting and bring some flower power into your space! 💪🌸
You are all kinds of awesome - oil pastel drawing
Originally created with oil pastels in warm shades of pinks, purples and yellows, this quote is the perfect way to introduce a little encouragement and positivity into your space. It also makes a wonderfully quirky and uplifting gift!
a drawing of a black cat with yellow eyes next to some crayon pencils
someone is drawing letters with colored crayons on the paper and using a marker
“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” - Marcus Aurelius. This is the *second version* of this quote I’ve drawn. First… | Instagram