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a poster with the words hong style cafe on it
Studiohong1997: I will design appealing eatery menu and flyer for $35 on
the menu for a restaurant is shown in green and white, as well as an image of
B Ā O ² logo & menu design
a poster with an image of a chicken wearing a chef's hat on it
Happy new year card
some type of red and white poster with roosters on it
Boss Chicken Is Serving Up More Than Buckets Of Chicken - DIELINE
a chicken with the word unn on it's face and an image of a rooster
Alt Logo Design for Nunu
a yellow bird with the words little e on it
The Little
Minimal, Japanese Logo, Logo Mark, Identity Design Logo, Identity Logo
窩巢 雞蛋糕 LOGO應用
three yellow chickens with different faces and numbers on them, one is facing the opposite direction
Tang Tang Chicken Brand Renewal
the packaging design is designed to look like an angry bird
Tang Tang Chicken Brand Renewal
a yellow background with an image of a bird and the words, i love you in korean
Tang Tang Chicken Brand Renewal