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several images of the same person with different facial expressions and their name written on them
Cada sorriso, não tenho nem palavras...
the group is posing for a photo with their arms in the air and one holding an army sign
What else can we say? We love you!!!
the group of young men are posing for a photo in front of a large screen
Omg this is sooooo cute im dyinggggg
a person holding up a camera in front of their face
a woman holding an apple in her hand and looking at it with the other hand
a young man with cat ears and nose piercings in front of heart shaped hearts
four different shots of the same person with their eyes closed and hands on their chins
Kim Taehyung Joen Thỏ, mau ngưng Tae khỏi cái kiểu sẹc xi này đi. Con dân đu mỏi lắm rồi
the man is wearing a red jacket and holding flowers
three different pictures of a boy with blonde hair and wearing a red shirt smiling at the camera
♡What a fucking blessing to this world♡
a young man wearing a red jacket and tie
two young men hugging each other on stage
DarkFrinda ♥VKook♥
♪♫ Listen to my heartbeat.. It calls you whenever it wants to... ♫♪
a young man standing in front of a train station with his head turned to the side
я ничего тогда не понимал. мне и невдомек было, что можно нанести человеку такую глубокую рану, после которой уже ничего не вернёшь, не поправишь. иногда для этого достаточно одного своего существования.
a young man making the peace sign with his hand
Kookie ♡ Hermoso y perfecto kukii :333