Anything I notice that features Slytherin house colors or makes me proud to be Slytherin!
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a green and white photo with the words burning bridges is sometimes essential especially if that bridge leads to nowhere
a green background with an image of a snake in the center and a quote on it that reads, sytherins notice everything they sometimes just pretends just pretend
Hermione Granger despises the Slytherins who always annoy and bully her by calling her a Mudblood. A mudblood is a rude name of a witch/wizard whose parents aren't magical folk.
a green and black striped background with the words, the fact that you think i care am
a green poster with the words, look like a lady think like a leader shoot like a boss
an image of a green and black background with the words, i wouldn't say you
the hogwart's houses early in the morning are on sale for $ 10, 000
But the Slytherins shouldn't hear the birds they're down in the dungeons
the text reads, you can insult me about my hogwarts house and it gets personal
16 Things That Happen When You Know You're In The Wrong Hogwarts House