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a pair of gray shoes with red heart and bear on the side, sitting next to each other
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Nurse Doctor Pharmacist or any medical by StacyRheaShoes on Etsy. I stinkin' love these! ! #RN
a piece of paper with writing on it and some colored pencils next to it
DIC nursing mnemonic BCC ADN 2015
the anatomy of the liver and its functions
Understand Your Body: Pancreas. Infographic from New Visions Healthcare Blog
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List of Common Drugs and Their Antidotes That Nurses Should Know!
the diagram shows how heart valves are connected to each other with words written on them
Easily Remember the Most Common Cause of Right-Sided Heart Failure
Blood flow through the heart. What a great diagram! Never saw this one before.
the acs medication chart is shown in black and white
acls algorithms 2013 | 2013 ACLS Pocket Algorithm Card Set
a flow diagram with several different types of items in it and the words on each side
Dental Practice Management, Dental Office Manual | Streamdent
the universal acl's alotrim
Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on for a few days. Anyway, here’s a quick reference you can print out of the 2012 AHA ACLS algorithm… for anyone interested in the ED or critical care (like me) =)
a flow diagram with instructions on how to use the blood pressure system for heart health
ACLS bradycardia with a pulse algorithm
the flow diagram for an acls certificate in u s a / o - 2
ACLS Algorithm |
Cardiac Arrest V Tach or V Fib algorithm by the ACLS Certification Institute. View all acls algorithms at
the acl's allotments and their primarys are labeled in red
ACLS algorithms
a nurse holding a stethoscope next to a green background
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After being an ER nurse for 36 years, I still find it rewarding. You have to be a little crazy to love this job.
venipuncture order of draw | Phlebotomy colors Paramedic, Phlebotomy Study, Medical, Medical Laboratory, Phlebotomist, Phlebotomy, Medical School, Medical Facts
Ultimate Phlebotomy Color Quiz - 2
venipuncture order of draw | Phlebotomy colors
an image of the endocine system and its corresponding functions in human body diagram
Dora's Nursing: Photo
an image of the liver diagram
Liver Anatomy Poster 9781587791758 | Liver Anatomical Chart Company