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several cats sitting on shelves in a room
Powder Coated Double Stack Cat Condo | Direct Animal
an office cubicle with two doors open
an empty room with white walls and black railings
an indoor dog kennel with lights on the ceiling and doors open to let in some fresh air
Barkley Pet Hotel
Pet Hotel
a television mounted to the side of a wall next to caged animals in a room
Dog and Large Animal Custom Enclosures - Midmark Corporation
Dog and Large Animal Custom Enclosures - masonco
there is a dog in the display case
Gallery of Nova Pets Store / say architects - 17
an open door leading into a bathroom with a rug on the floor and lights hanging from the ceiling
Luxury Suites - Contemporary style - Midmark Corporation
the dogs are lined up on display in the glass cased room with stuffed animals
The Caledonia Luxury Rental Apartments in Chelsea, New York City