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the words pretty face, dark soul written in white on a black background
Rome’s aesthetic.
a red background with the words, oh, drunk gods of slaughterer you know i've always been your favorite daughter
═ -ˋˏ ⚔️ ˎˊ- ═
a black background with yellow text that reads and when my time is up, have i done enough? will they tell my story?
April 07 2017 at 09:49AM
the sun is shining through an open window in a dark room with trees and branches
a woman with dark hair and makeup looks into the camera while she's covered in blood
an abstract painting with red and black paint on the bottom half of it, as well as white and grey colors
there is two types of tired, i suppose one is a dire need of sleep
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the word vampr written on top of a book