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there is a sign that says spirit lead trust with true borders on the sand at the beach
Make me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be maid stronger in the presence of my Savior.
a woman laying in bed with her hand on her face and the caption narnfacts
That would have been awesome!
an ocean with the words when oceans rise, my soul will rest in your embrace
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the bible verse is written in white on a dark blue background with an ocean wave
Bible quote // Mightier than the waves of the sea is his love for you // Psalm 93:4
the words i know the lord is always with me written in white on top of trees
March 11, 2017 Verse of the Day , Fix-It With Fran: All Things Faith, Family, Food, Fun and more!
March 11, 2017 Verse of the Day
a person standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with a sunset in the background
His Mercy Flows In Wave After Wave – Boxing Day
His Mercy Flows In Wave After Wave - Boxing Day on Luke 1:50
a lake with the words, even the winds and the sea obey him
Jesus Heals
the words don't let your heart be troubled written in pink on top of an ocean wave
Bible for Everyday People - Bible Everyday
do not let your heart be troubled John Bible quotes
the night sky is filled with stars above a mountain and lake, as well as some rocks
Don't be afraid just believe Mark 5:36
a mountain scene with the words, this is my command and be strong and courageous
a potted plant with a bible quote above it that reads, hope means that we must trust wait for what is still unseen
a field with white flowers and the words she confidently trust the lord to the care of her
Dress Your Tech
Bible Verse Wallpaper | Inspirational iPhone Wallpaper | iPhone Wallpaper | Verse Wallpaper
a pink background with gold lettering that says god is within her, she will not fall
ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition (Brown, Flap with Strap)
Inspirational Bible Verses - Psalm 46:5 #quote #inspiration #God #Jesus #Bible #faith #Christian #afflink
a painting with the bible verse written in white and blue on it's side
iphone wallpaper