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two women with long hair and one is holding a cat
Digital Hell: Tech Tips for the Deceased
a drawing of a woman holding an umbrella in her hand and looking up at the sky
I got it by Simply-Psycho on DeviantArt
a blue painting with a skull in the center and words above it that read, life can only be understor backwardss but it must be lived forward
the Cold Of Anxiety Is Very Real
an illustration of two women with hair blowing in the wind, one holding a cell phone
an image of some animals that are in the grass with a full moon behind them
an artistic painting with red eyes and black hair
gullible soup
an image of a woman with her head in the air and two skulls around her
Yamamoto Takato
an image of a red and black painting
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an illustration of a man and woman in a field with horns on their heads, facing each other