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a young boy standing in the middle of an empty street with words written on it
(tiktok video) pano umamin sa crush mo? just look at the comments we got u

(tiktok comment) crush kita, no need to reciprocate the feelings pero kilalanin mo binabangga mo Memes Pinoy, Filipino Humor, Memes Tagalog, Meme Caption
pano umamin ang astig
a white washing machine with the words waiting maseen on it's front panel
waiting maseen
#filipino #pinoy #filipinomemes #memes #washingmachine
the words pake ko pauha na are lit up against a black background
filipino humor | pinoy | humor | meme
two children holding hands with the caption saying,'pasensyann kunng dumagga pa ko sa panarap mo
a little boy that is sitting down with his head on the back of someone's head
a man eating food from a spoon in his hand while sitting at a kitchen table
a young man is hiding under the covers
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When you just had your brake up but you have an exam next day..
a man holding up some tomatoes in front of his face with the words di kamatis above it
a young man in a white tank top making the peace sign with his hand and wearing a baseball cap
rAckstArrrr eyy 👅👅