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a beautiful blond woman in a white dress leaning against a fence with her hand on her hip
Solo mio🖤|| Josh Richards - #6🧸
#wattpad #short-story Lui:"sei mia" Tu:"sei mio"🧸🖤🔒
a person holding up a leaf in the middle of leaves on the ground with their hands
🍂 @xoqueenbxtch 🍂 #automn #automne
a person holding a flower in their hand on the sidewalk with sunlight coming through them
Segurando a flor, colocar esses risqinhos na edição
two hands reaching out towards each other in front of a dark room with light coming through the window
#اللهم فرج على كل مهموم و أسعد #قلب كل من أكلته الأحزان و ارزق كل واحد فينا ما يتمنى، يا #الله نسألك #الرضا و #المغفرة و #الرحمة و أن تجبرنا…و أن تجبرنا… و أن تجبرنا.
a person holding a flower in their hand with the palm tree in the back ground
🕊xx | gabrielleetellier
VSCO - 🌸 | gabrielleetellier
a person's hand making the v sign with their fingers on top of sand
Calma na alma pra levar a vida 🤙🏽💙🍃
a person's hand reaching for flowers in front of a wall with pink and white flowers
hold me - #hold - #wallpapers #4k #free #iphone #mobile #games