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an anime character with black hair and blue eyes is holding her hand to her face
★ : duna lee icons
a drawing of a boy and his dog by an easel with bubbles in the air
a gray and white cat with yellow eyes looking up at the camera while standing on its hind legs
a girl eating cereal from a bowl with a spoon in front of her, next to a box of cereal
a girl with an egg on her head
Discord - Group Chat That’s All Fun & Games
Discord - Group Chat That’s All Fun & Games
a woman holding a cat on top of her head in front of an open refrigerator
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an anime character holding a microphone in front of a mic
.⋆ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ 𖥻  ּ ﹗ ˖ ་ ☕  ֺ
an anime poster with two people in front of a microphone and the words, i love you