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an anime movie poster with many people in the middle and one person holding his arms around him
an image of the different teams of soccer players from around the world in their uniforms
four basketball players are in the middle of an animated photo with their shirts pulled back
Akashi Seijūro xOC
a group of young men standing next to each other in front of a basketball net
Anime Decoy: Top 10 Anime of 2015
two people laying in bed next to each other with their arms around one another's head
AoMomo by Milady666 on DeviantArt
four anime characters with different colored hair and piercings on their ears, looking at the camera
(DROP) (KnB) Akashi Seijurou! Chúng tôi yêu cậu!
the basketball team from kuroko's basketball club is posing for a photo
Look at these gifs (ㅎ.ㅎ)ᕤ
kisedai on grup chat : book 2
anime characters are playing basketball in front of a group of people with graffiti on the wall
a group of people standing on top of a basketball court
Spiritual Anarchist
an image of some anime characters posing together
Kiseki no Sedai Team
a group of young men standing next to each other on top of a tennis court
several people standing around a kitchen counter with food on the table and in front of them
KnB 3rd Season ED 5 by ng9 on DeviantArt