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two plates stacked on top of each other with food in the middle one plate is filled with cookies and candy
21 Amazing Teacup Craft Ideas
21 Amazing Teacup Craft Ideas - 156
there are some cookies that are on the cake plate and one is sitting on the table
Cake Stand - Made From an Old Coffee Cup
the number five is decorated with flowers and leaves
Can't stop crying... OT (sorry)
a close up of a metal object on a table
How to Solder Glass Pendants - Rings and Things
adding the jump ring - tips for soldering
there are three tea cups and two saucers on the table, one is decorated with flowers
Pin by Nancy Huebner on DIY: Dishes, Plates, etc. | Cup and saucer crafts, Tea cups diy, Glassware crafts
a light that is sitting on top of a power strip with flowers in the bottom
Cute idea for nightlight