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two large sunflowers with green leaves in the foreground and a blue sky behind them
Summer sunflowers
the sunflowers are blooming and there is a rainbow in the sky above them
To help maximize sun exposure, sunflowers use (heliotropism), a means of moving their large, flowered heads to track the movement of the sun. (heliotropism). Awesome! They follow their source of life. Good example :)
a large sunflower standing in the middle of a field
a hand holding a bouquet of sunflowers in front of the ocean with arabic writing
Allyson Hollis
h a p p i n e s s
a vase filled with sunflowers and baby's breath
a bunch of yellow sunflowers with green leaves
a large sunflower in front of a blue sky with white clouds and some green leaves
From my board: "Obsession"I am obsessed with sunflowers. They strive to find the light no matter what it maybe, they were something inspiring to me growing up with depression. No matter how dim things are around they always try to find the light, no matter how little light it may be. Plus, they are yellow which is pretty!
sunflowers are in the foreground as the sun sets | Bloglovin’
Sunset Sunflowers, Spain
a large yellow sunflower in the middle of a field
Bright Yellow Sunflower~
a sunflower with the words born to be in front of some trees and bushes
.Awwwwesome photo!!! they're hard to come by, i have sooooo many pinned, but i do believe this is not a duplicate and very wonderful photo!!!!!!!!
a field full of sunflowers with the words lovely thursday on it
a large sunflower is blooming in a field
il bacio
a bunch of sunflowers are in a vase
Fresh farmer's market blooms.