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the anime character is holding his hand up to his face and looking at something in front of him
Dr stone memes - ◦•● 19 ●•◦
an anime character with blue hair holding a stuffed animal in his arms and looking at the sky
はなだ on Twitter
an anime character standing in front of a full moon
HD wallpaper: Anime, Dr. Stone, Senku Ishigami
an anime character sitting on top of a barrel in front of a sky filled with stars
Dr. STONE on Twitter
a drawing of a boy standing on a scale with his head in the air and eyes closed
#Dr.STONE DCST*LOG - まちおのマンガ #クロム(Dr.STONE) #髪下ろし千空 #石神千空 - pixiv
an anime character with his mouth open, holding a cell phone in one hand and looking at the camera
#腐向け dcstのろぐ2 - きんたまボンバーのマンガ #千ゲン #dcst腐向け #dcst腐向け3000users入り - pixiv
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes holding a glass bottle in his hand
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