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a person holding a yellow rose in their hand
Y le pones una frase asi bien sad:$
palm trees are silhouetted against a pink and blue sky with the moon in the distance
Butter, not Margarine
#tripzuzu #thailand
an open window with the sun shining through it
There's something mysterious about being in school after hours, with the lights off, watching the day come to an end..
people are walking down the street at dusk with pink clouds in the sky above them
NOLA- New Orleans, LA: Photo
NOLA- New Orleans, LA : Photo
looking up at the tops of palm trees
Листья, пальмы, небо, лето
a skateboarder doing a trick in the air on a fenced area at night
a quote that reads paradise isn't a place it's a feeling
a mountain with the words be happy for this moment, this moment is your life
Here is some wisdom for staying motivated and inspiration for life and for women needing motivation for success in business and inspiration as a leader. #inpirationalquotes #motivationalquotes #entrepreneurquotes
an apple sign and street signs on a pole in front of a building at sunset
Credits to @love_is_soup Twitter
a painting with the words, pray without ceasing in white lettering on it
If the Lord is the one I turn to, I need to be in constant communication with Him.
yellow roses with the words you're in my blood on them against a blue sky
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a pink background with green leaves and the words god is so generous that he will not destroy love that we cannot