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an old window is decorated with photos and magnets
this is a great use for an old window especially if you have panes missing...
an old window is hanging on the wall
The Antique Gardener in Sutter Creek, CA
window ideas
an old window is painted with multicolored paint and some candlesticks on the table
Window Salvage
Love this window with painted scrap wood in the window panes! No clue where to put it....but love it!
an old window frame with two people holding hands and looking at each other through it
Picture through a window. So want to do this. - This turned out soooo cute. It's one of my favorite decorations!
a window with birds on it hanging from the side of a wall above a bed
Old window – repurpose as art – repurpose as hanger – beautiful repurpose.
an old window with the reflection of a tree in it's glass pane
Rethinking Store Bought Framed Pictures AND Rethinking the Frame.
Antique window sash with an inexpensive ($2.99!!) "engineer's print" made at Staples print center from her photo disk, then tape to back of window frame. Very impressive!
a kitchen sink sitting under a window with shutters on the windowsill and flowers in a vase
| kitchen | shutters | farmhouse style | vintage inspired | wood | diy | cottage kitchen | kitchen window | faucet | natural sun light |flowers in Mason jar
a man standing in an empty room with his dog looking out the window at snow
Unreal windows
These are the coolest fake windows - you can choose your moving image to go in them!
an old window that is open to the ocean and some sand on the beach behind it
Get a Window with an Ocean View | Shop & DIY
Create a faux ocean view with an old window by enlarging a photo and mounting it behind the frame.
an open window showing a path in the woods with flowers and greenery on either side
Avenue Scenery Outside Fake Window Wall Sticker Wall Poster Decorative Poster | eBay
fake window... I want one to hang inside my work cubicle
the before and after pictures show how to paint a mirror
The 10 Most Popular How-To's Of 2013
A simple mirror to a elegant mirror(could've sworn I pinned this already)
a living room filled with lots of furniture and flowers in vases on the table
Liven Up Your Rooms with Modern Room Dividers
windows without the windows