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a handwritten cover letter with an image of a yellow pencil on top of it
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the chinese alphabet with different characters and symbols in each letter, which are also english
THIS IS SO WRONG. Chinese does NOT have an alphabet. You cannot translate your name letter by letter into Chinese. Each character has a distinct meaning, e.g. E is apparently 3 in this picture. L means heart????? Please do not believe this, this is how you mess up tattoos and embarrass yourself. If you want to learn Chinese, you HAVE to learn each character's meaning, there is no easy way. If you want a name in Chinese PLEASE TALK TO A CHINESE PERSON OH MY GOD.
an old book with some type of alphabet written in white on it's cover
an american morse code written in chalk on a blackboard
‘American Morse Code Chart, ’ Canvas Print by hrmmm
American Morse Code Chart, by Bobby Brill
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