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a kitchen with potted plants hanging from the ceiling, and a window in the background
35 Creative Hanging Plant Projects for Scandinavian Style -
DIY Wax Seal with Glue Gun and Gluesticks!
We tried out two DIY ways of making clear wax seals using glue sticks and a mini bottle with a smooth base. Here are a couple of tips we want to share: 1) Don’t let your gun get too hot. Your glue will come out a lot of bubbles. 2) Keep your mini jar or stamp cool by placing it in ice while you wait for your glue gun to warm up. That way it can both help with the wax cooling process and release from the wax.
DIY Paper Umbrella
When mood feelings flow like rain, who can hold an umbrella for you? Let us to DIY paper umbrella, every day will be sunny! Save it, do it for yourself! Follow us, get more exciting and the idea.
DIY Flower Envelope Gift
Five-pointed Star
How to Fold Five-pointed Star
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step by step instructions on how to make a potted planter with wire and yarn
13 Plant DIYs That'll Turn Your House Into A Boho Paradise
13 Plant DIYs That'll Turn Your House Into A Boho Paradise
a green and white pillow sitting on top of a wooden floor
Homeworks Design Store
monstera leaf cushions
the process of making a coffee table out of pallet wood
15 Easy DIY Chairs for a Home Decor Friendly Project
Check out the tutorial how to make DIY wooden modern chairs for home decor @istandarddesign
an image of a dream catcher hanging on the wall with branches and feathers attached to it
marbled concrete planters with succulents in them and the diy logo
Try This Super-Simple DIY: Marbled and Ombre Concrete Planters
While painting the dull gray surface of standard concrete works, I knew there had to be a cooler way of coloring these little plant homes. After some research and hands-on testing, it turns out that the trick is starting with white concrete and stirring in powdered pigments. From there, the sky's the limit. Marble them, create an ombre stack, go two-tone. You really can't go wrong with this foolproof project, and they're ridiculously fun to make.