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an alien man standing in front of skulls
a drawing of a man with white hair and blue eyes looking over his shoulder to the side
an artistic painting of two men fighting with birds in the sky, one man is falling off his head
Griffith & Guts | @ArkNemesis5 Twitter ☆
an evil looking anime character with blood all over his face
an anime character with blood on his face
an animated image of a man with green light coming out of his head and hands
a painting of a man in armor sitting on a red blanket with his legs crossed
Dark fantasy - Berserk inspired
Dragon Ball, Dragon Slayer, Anime Tattoos, Naruto, Dao
Black Swordsman Guts
the cover to it's a boy album with an image of cats and other animals
BERSERK | Fond d'ecran dessin, Image artistique, Japon illustration