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a close up of a dog with its tongue out
Bianca Barbosa
:)who couldn't love this happy face? This is why I love Malamutes! There in this world for FUN!
a small dog sitting on top of a pink and white striped chaise lounger
Cavalier king charles. these are the cutest small dogs on the planet. If only they weren't so expensive...
a brown and white puppy sitting on top of a couch
Need Some Pretty German Shepherds in your Day? Of Course You Do.
German shepherd/Collie Mix...WUBBIS!
a shaggy brown dog sitting on the sidewalk next to a metal fence and black railing
I want him. Australian Labradoodle.
a dog with a blue bow tie sitting on the floor
Look at that face!!
two dachshund puppies cuddling on top of each other
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a dog is sitting on a dock with his head turned to look like he's looking at the camera
87 Day Bambi
#miniature #dachshund
two long haired dogs sitting next to each other on the ground near a fallen tree
a black and brown dog standing on its hind legs
For The Love of Dachshunds