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a person sitting down with a large instrument in their lapel and holding it up
A type of East-Asian long zither. :: The yatga (or yataga) is a traditional Long rectangular zither of Mongolian. The performer plucks the strings with the fingernails of the right hand; the left hand is used to put pressure on the strings, varying the note. The left hand can also be used to play the bass strings. (IROMBOOK)
a hamster sitting on top of a wooden box
animal meme - Cute
animal meme- super funny and entertaining animal pictures - funny animal photos - pumpkin crafting video tutorial
a white and gray hamster wearing a blue hat eating a yellow ball with it's mouth
bebe hamster owo
es hermoso no OuO
Anime, For Free
an empty street with tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of some old buildings
10 Very Best Things To Do In Bath, England
10 Very Best Things To Do In Bath, England - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Photography Blog #bathtravelguide #england